Bumble Inc provide its employees a paid vacation

The dating and relationship app, Bumble Inc have announced temporarily shut down in its offices for this week. This decision was taken to give its 700 employees a ‘much needed break’ to pull through from the COVID-19 burnout.

With the COVID-19 restrictions across the country getting eased, companies are proposing various perspective to hold back their staffs and strengthen the productivity. Some of the companies are looking forward for a full return to the offices while on the other hand few companies are providing with a more flexible approach.

Corporations namely, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are enabling all vaccinated employees to return to the offices by fall while companies like, Apple Inc will follow a hybrid work-from-home strategy. Twitter Inc on the other hand stated that its employees are enable to work-from-home indefinitely.

During this ongoing massive COVID-19 pandemic, the dating apps played a major role in keeping its users involved when they were isolated and quarantined at their places. The virtual in-person dates replenished after-hours schedules in terms of Zoom happy hours, Netflix parties and Online coffee dates.

In the time when the bosses are convincing their employees to return back to offices while clarifying that they have best interest at heart, Bumble Inc provide its employees at Latin America unit Badoo, a paid vacation. Citigroup Inc, too declared in March that it will prohibit Zoom calls on Fridays to fight against COVID-19 burnout.

On the contrary, there are return-to-work initiatives too in the restaurant services sectors that witnessed a struggle to employ workers. As far the reports are concerned, White Castle raised its starting pay to $15 from $11.50 that includes free meals during shifts. On the other hand, Wendy too is providing a $100 signing bonus.

A Microsoft Corp. study conducted in this spring suggested that 41 per cent of the workers might surrender this year. As an outcome of this phenomenon, the employers are at the risk of missing out their efficient employees which in turn allows the workers to enquire about the work schedule.

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