Calcutta HC dissolves West Bengal government’s appeal to recall its order on post-poll violence

The West Bengal government’s appeal to Calcutta High court for recalling its order went dismissed by the court on Monday. The court order entrusted the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to look into the cases of alleged human rights violation that took place at the massive outbreak of post poll violence.

The 5 judge bench headed by Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal involved Justices, Soumen Sen, Subrata Talukdar, IP Mukerji and Harish Tandon. The Court notified that the June 18 order was passed when the state failed to inspire the court’s confidence. The Justices further exclaimed that the court did not observe any occasion that required modification to its previous ruling.

On the other hand, the West Bengal government asserted that it was not given sufficient opportunities to produce all the facts on records, along with the steps taken by the state government to justify the issues relating to the post poll violence.

Prior to these, the court had ordered the National Human Rights Commission to form a committee and visit those particular places where the post poll violence complaints were filed. Furthermore, the bench directed that a member of the State Legal Service Authority and State Human Rights Commission should be involved in the committee and the administration should facilitate the necessary logistics along with other supports.

The Bench remarked that the Court enquired the NHRC to intervene in the cases as there were allegations that claimed that the police and the government were not taking the necessary actions. It added that the rights body had been merely asked to file a report and further stated that the government should not have any objection regarding this.

“Your conduct, in the case, does not inspire the confidence of the court,” said the acting Chief justice in the statement during the hearing.

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