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Here’s why you should watch ‘Dead Poets Society’

American drama film Dead Poets Society was released in 1989 and was written and directed by Peter Weir. The movie, starring Robin Williams, is set in 1959 at the fictitious Welton Academy, an exclusive, traditional boarding school, and follows the tale of an English teacher who motivates his pupils by teaching them poetry. On June […]

Unseen: Ending explained!

Housekeeper Zenzi Mwale leaves to look for her husband Max after he is freed from prison two years later when he doesn’t come home. She is soon entangled in the maze of the criminal underground and, although making little headway in her search for Max, her kill total keeps ticking up. When the police discover […]

Is Brie Larson in the new Fast and Furious?

Fans across the world are eager to watch how the latest dazzling stunt sequences will surpass those in Fast and Furious 9, which is expected to be an explosive instalment in the overall scheme of the years-long saga. We finally have confirmation as to who precisely Larson will be portraying in the newest (and apparently […]

A Good Person: Ending Explained

A Good Person, written and produced by Zach Braff, has an optimistic conclusion despite a lot of gloom and uphill struggles for many of the characters. The movie centres on Florence Pugh’s Allison, who is living the life of her dreams when a devastating automobile accident upends everything and her whole world. Throughout the course […]

This Movie is one of the scariest indie movies of Netflix! Find out!

Nowadays, it happens rather frequently for a movie to receive a muted response in theatres before going bonkers on a streaming site. That’s precisely what is happening to Fall, one of the spookiest movies of 2022. The thriller’s basic idea is that two young ladies decide to scale a very tall communication tower in order […]

‘Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey’ Ending Explained!

Rhys Frake Waterfield, who also wrote and directed “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey,” gives one of our favourite cartoon characters a dark twist and weaves a bloody, violent story that aims to permanently alter the happy memories we have of viewing the show. The lack of a compelling motivation for the characters prevents the […]

Furies: Ending Explained!

The 2019 Le-Van Kiet movie “Furie” has a predecessor in Veronica Ngo’s “Furies.” It centres on Bi, who flees after killing one of her mother’s clients because the guy also killed Bi’s mother. She worked odd jobs as a child. But one fateful night, Lin (Veronica Ngo) rescues her and brings her to her mercenary […]

Where to watch ‘Infinity Pool’ online?

The King of Venereal Horror maybe David Cronenberg, but his son Brandon is right behind him and has a new movie out. The filmmaker of the horror film Possessor, a body horror smash from 2020, is back with a new film, Infinity Pool. With his most recent work, Cronenberg junior goes all out. In our […]