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How to effectively manage your finances in 2023

Heard that too much? Well, it’s an undeniable fact and we all have heard this a lot of times. Nothing ever lasts forever – this might sound like a Disney fairytale line, but that’s somehow true too. This is why we need to adapt and adopt. Adapt to the change, and adopt new strategies. Yes, […]

PNB Housing Finance FD Rates on the Rise – Invest Now!

The RBI hiked its repo rate by 50bps in September 2022 and 35bps in the first week of December. This subsequently resulted in an increase in fixed deposit rates, which was announced by various issuers such as PNB Housing Finance. The factors responsible for the repo rate hike include inflation and increase in crude oil […]

Interest rates and stock market performance: A closer look

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is mandated to keep the Indian economy running smoothly. To do this, it has several tools at its disposal. But the bank prefers using interest rates because it is the most effective tool. Changes in interest rates affect almost all the markets in the economy. Notably, it impacts the […]

Why is a personal loan preferred over other types of loans?

About 3,000 years ago, the lending system was first introduced in ancient Greece and Rome. And since then, the system has evolved a long way. Today there are proper systems and regulations in place that help in creating a balance between borrowers and lenders. Earlier, borrowers were concerned and frustrated due to the unpleasant experiences […]

Reasons why 70Trades is the new best trading platform

A cutting-edge, user-friendly trading platform featuring a variety of financial instruments, an intuitive design, and many helpful tools is called 70Trades. It is suited for both novice and seasoned traders, and the mobile app provides you the chance to trade whenever, whenever, and with just a single touch. Among the many advantages, you receive just […]

What are secured Credit Cards? Check top banks offering this facility

An individual’s credit score plays a crucial role in successfully availing a credit card. Hence, every credit card issuer seeks individuals with good credit scores. However, credit scores can only be built if you have obtained advancements, which is why credit card issuers have introduced secured credit cards in the market. A secured credit card […]