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Cheating in chess, poker, and fishing shocks the world

A casino in Los Angeles is currently making investigations after an audacious player makes an unusually huge bet to land a big win. At the same time, two fishermen are being probed after they were accused of stuffing their catches with lead weights to win a cash prize of over $29k. These accusations come a […]

Top 5 Criminal Countries

Venezuela Venezuela has the highest crime index of any country in the world, at 83.76. The US Department of State has issued a Level 4 travel advisory for Venezuela, indicating that the country is unsafe to visit and that visitors should avoid going there. Venezuela’s high crime rates have been blamed on a variety of […]

Four students from Ladakh arrested for the Israel Embassy blast in Delhi

Four students from Ladakh were arrested by the Delhi Police Special cell who are assumed to be connected to the low-intensity IED blast that happened on the evening of January 29 near the Israel Embassy. The students were arrested in Kargilon Thursday and then brought to Delhi for further questioning. The Special Cell in Delhi […]