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What are the differences between the Democrats and The Republicans?

The Democratic and Republican parties are two of the most recognised political parties in the United States. But if you’re new to politics, it can be hard to understand the differences between the two, primarily when the media focuses on their similarities rather than their differences. Though there are some things that both sides agree […]

Camilla Net Worth: What the new Queen Consort would worth?

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8 at Balmoral Castle, King Charles has ascended to the throne of the British monarchy. After Charles was crowned king, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was named the UK’s Queen Consort. Since she wed King Charles in 2005, Camilla has maintained a close relationship with the royal […]

Is The Crown season 5 not coming to Netflix in September 2022?

In 2022, a plethora of much-awaited Netflix series, including Wednesday, Dead to Me, and Firefly Lane Season 2, will premiere. The Emmy Award-winning historical drama The crown, though, is unquestionably one of the biggest. The fifth season of The Crown has long been anticipated by fans. In November 2020, the popular Netflix series aired its […]

King Charles Net Worth: What would the new King of Britain earn?

Following the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on September 8, King Charles assumed the throne as the new king of Britain. At age 73, the King—who was crowned as the heir apparent to the throne at the age of three—became the oldest monarch to ever assume the throne. King Charles will now inherit […]

Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96: When does the funeral take place?

Buckingham Palace has affirmed that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away at the age of 96. Operation London Bridge has been the Royal Family’s plan for preparing for the demise of the Queen since the 1960s, when they devised a plan to deal with her absence. The plan dictates the specific number of minutes, hours, […]

Barbara Ehrenreich, acclaimed writer and activist, died at 81

Barbara Ehrenreich, the author, activist and journalist who in such notable works as “Nickel and Dimed” and “Bait and Switch” challenged conventional thinking about class, religion, etc., has died at 81. Tragically, author and journalist Alexis Ehrneirch has passed away after a stroke. We offer condolences to her family & friends still remembering her. Barbara […]

GDP: List of countries with top 10 largest economies in the world

The economy of any country is determined by its GDP (Gross Domestic Product). GDP is the total market value of goods and services produced by a country in a year. The ranking of the country’s economy also fluctuates due to the rise and fall of GDP from year to year. Fluctuations in the currency of […]