CBSE to provide training to teachers to bring “Storytelling” into practise

The Central Board of Secondary Education on Thursday announced of providing teachers with training of bringing storytelling into practise.

According to NDTV reports, here’s what CBSE said, “In a diverse country like India where classrooms are filled with students from different cultural backgrounds, storytelling can help in achieving the goal of having inclusive classrooms.”

“It is pertinent to have inclusive classrooms, create empathy in the classroom, and allow students to reach universal understanding through the personal experiences of other students and community at large. Stories may serve this purpose as they open the innocent mind so that the hearer is ready to take things in,” the CBSE said.

“Storytelling as a pedagogical tool may provide a way to transform this multicultural, diverse classroom into an inclusive classroom where students understand each other, and appreciate and celebrate the diversity,” it said, adding that storytelling changes the atmosphere of classrooms and enhances the learning environment.

However, it is being highlighted that in the training programme, sufficient materials, webinars and assessment will be made available to the teachers online.

It is also being said that the webinars will be organized in five different languages for teachers coming from different backgrounds. These languages particularly includes – Hindi, English, Bangla, Tamil and Punjabi. These webinars will be held between June 14 and 29, 2021.

However CBSE also added, that the participants will be asked to join the webinar in their preferred language. They also assured that the webinars will soon start in other languages as well depending on the demand from teachers.

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