CDS General Bipin Rawat: Chinese troops on LAC need better training

Bipin Rawat, the Chief of Defence Staff General said on Tuesday that the government of China has come to the realization that their soldiers require to be thoroughly trained if they are to be stationed in the mountainous terrain along the Line of Actual Control. In addition to that, he also mentioned that reports are showing that the People’s Liberation Army has bolstered its attempts to recruit Tibetans in militias along the frontier.

After the incidents that occurred in Galwan and other areas last year, the deployment pattern of Chinese soldiers on the Indian border has changed.

The Chief of Defence Staff General mentioned to a news agency that their soldiers largely originate from the streets are most often civilians who enlist for a short duration. They mostly have very less or even no experience fighting in mountainous areas and do not know how to operating in this kind of terrain.

These updates are being reported and have mentioned that the PLA has added a new faction of militia opposite Sikkim, in the Chumbi Valley. This area comes under the Yatung County in the Tibetian Autonomous Region. An official has mentioned that these militias are known as ‘Mimand Cheton’ which translates to ‘for the public’ in the Tibetian language. The official has also said that the MC mainly consists of youths and are being used for their knowledge of the local terrain, language, weather conditions as well as demography.

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