Check out 10 movies based on video games

It is difficult to adapt any kind of media into a film, especially video games. While most video game adaptations failed to live up to expectations, other filmmakers did an excellent job of understanding what the fan base wanted. Regardless of critics’ opinions, these films are frequently geared to please gamers.

1. Tomb Raider (2018)

Tomb Raider returns to the big screen in 2013, following in the footsteps (and ice pick) of the 2013 rebooted game by offering us a  newly-vulnerable Lara and a film that, although it doesn’t quite break out into an all-time great action blockbuster, is a wonderful tribute to one of the greatest games of its generation.

2. Resident Evil

The Resident Evil games received praise for their creative storyline and heartfelt characters, however, the 2002 film adaptation threw the games out the window, leaving just a bit of its source. Though the film and its sequels are far from perfect, its unique stories are entertaining and admirable.

3. Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed seemed like the first time video game films were put in the spotlight. Others were seen as oddities or only for a specific audience, but Assassin’s Creed aimed to put all of that to rest with a fascinating take on the endless fight between the Creed and the Templar Order.

4. Sonic The Hedgehog

Aside from the disturbing look of the original “live-action” Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 did an excellent job at bringing the video games to life. The family-friendly film respects its target audience and doesn’t stray too far from the Sonic universe like a certain Super Mario Bros. film did.

5. Mortal Kombat

Fans of the 1995 classic Mortal Kombat would have been disappointed by the eagerly awaited remake, but the 2021 film did a good job of bringing the popular fantasy-based game into a more serious realm of reality. The film’s cinematography and battle sequences are exciting to watch, perfectly conveying the over-the-top brutality of the games.

6. Uncharted

Critics and fans may argue for hours over the Uncharted movies, however, the imperfect film understood some of the most crucial parts of the games. Fans of Nathan Drake were overjoyed to see the iconic explorer return to the big screen, despite being aged down and paired with a somewhat less appealing Sully.

7. Warcraft

Hollywood was just waiting to pick up World of Warcraft. Blizzard’s crown jewel, which has been brushed aside as Lord of the Rings-lite, is loaded with backstory, all of which is guided by indie darling Duncan Jones. It’s not just the best-performing video game adaptation of all time (as of writing), grossing $433 million, but it also chooses to raise the universe of Warcraft (heh) and it’s stunning.

8. Prince Of Persia

Though Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has issues, such as poor casting, it is still a great adventure film to enjoy. Most moviegoers who were unfamiliar with the games may have been surprised to find that the film was based on the same-named video game franchise.

9. Tron

Whereas Tron made an immense impact when it was released in 1982, the long-awaited sequel failed to excite reviewers. The majority of viewers, on the other hand, enjoyed the higher-tech revival. Sam Flynn and the individuals he meets, including some of the original cast, put in a lot of effort to fill out the universe, which fans still want to see more of.

10. Silent Hill

Silent Hill is far from perfect, but it much outperformed the poor sequel and the directors understood the game well enough to convey the visuals properly. While the film remains one of the lowest-rated video game adaptations, game fans have come to enjoy it.

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