Check out macOS Sonoma latest upcoming features

The next major Mac software update, macOS Sonoma, is currently available through the company’s public beta program. This implies that if you have a MacBook or Mac desktop, you’re able to download and install the unfinished software. It is advised to wait until Apple releases the stable build.

Apple has released a preview of this year’s Mac operating system, macOS Sonoma, which includes a couple of exciting new features. So let’s take a look at some of the best macOS Sonoma features.

1. Desktop widgets

You can change the widgets that appear when Notification Center is activated in macOS Ventura. You will be able to see these on your Mac’s Desktop at all times with macOS Sonoma. You can also set widgets to fade in the background to make them less distracting.

2. Safari profiles

If you use your Mac for both professional and personal purposes, having all of your bookmarks, favourites, and extensions mixed up might be perplexing. Safari profiles enable you to set up different profiles for different tasks. You can have one for work and one for play, or if you’re a freelancer, you can have one for each customer.

3. Password and passkey sharing

Passwords are generally private, although you may share some accounts with friends, family, or co-workers. You may now share credentials with others using a new feature for password and passkey sharing. You create a group and decide which passwords to share. If the passwords are changed, everyone in the group will receive the updates through their iCloud Keychain. Passwords and users can also be removed from the group at any time.

4. Game Mode

While playing games, you want the game to make use of your CPU and GPU. For improved responsiveness, the new Game Mode decreases background task usage and reduces lag with controllers and headphones.

5. Better autocorrect and predictive text

For years, autocorrect has had issues. Autocorrect improvements will enable you to type whatever ducking thing you want and corrected words will be just highlighted so you can see the changes and revert to what you typed with a click if the correction was incorrect.

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