Chennai city police uses drones to supervise the crowd at Chennai beaches

In order to ensure COVID 19 appropriate behavior, which includes physical distancing and wearing of masks, the Chennai city police have taken a step forward by using drones to supervise the crowd at the Chennai beach and a public address system to warn them if they violate the guidelines.

The Chief Minister of the state, M.K. Stalin recently disclosed relaxations to COVID 19 lockdown norms. According to the lockdown relaxations, the Chennai beaches reopened for walkers between 5 am and 9 am.

As per reports, the police teams in Mylapore, Triplicane, and Adyar are using drones for administering the crowd on the beaches in their Jurisdiction. N. Kanan, Additional Commissioner of Police, South informed that in Mariana they are using one drone, one on the beach falling under Triplicane police jurisdiction and the other in Besant Nagar.

In the above-mentioned phenomenon, when the drone displays any individual without a mask or in a group without observing physical distancing, the police warns them with the help of a public address system.

P. Pakalavan, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Triplicane stated, “The walkers are supposed to use the service road only and should not venture onto the sand. The beaches are closed to the public during other hours.”

A senior police officer expressed that they can only warn the public. As the lockdown restrictions are being relaxed, it depends on the public to be disciplined and follow all the safety norms, the official added. Reportedly, the Chennai Police is also offering masks to those who are without them.

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