China celebrates end of extreme poverty under President Xi Jinping reigns

The ruling Communist Party of China under the leadership of President Xi Jinping is celebrating the official end of extreme poverty in the country. This is part of his efforts to solidify his image as the leader who establishes China’s rightful place a global worl power and dominance.

The propaganda of his success also includes China’s fight against COVID-19, it’s rise as technology creator of the world and the official success of bring back moon rocks from lunar mission.

In November, the Communist party announced they no longer had citizens living under extreme poverty and now the official campaign is launched to make it official and celebrate the success of President Xi Jinping’s vision and his role in crossing a milestone.

World Bank had earlier set the target of removing extreme poverty by 2030 but China has beaten the record setup by World Bank and according to Chinese official estimate it is said to be down by around 99 million are living on annual income of less than 2300 yuan i.e., $355 per person.

According China’s definition of poverty is an income of a person 11 yuan i.e., $1.70 per day which is lower then the limit set by World Bank which is $1.90. In order for the development low-income ethnic groups & minority communities were moved to newly built towns and poor people were signed up for job training by officials going door to door and grants to start business and other aids were provided by Chinese government.

10 million were moved to newly constructed homes and more then 27 million were renovated and around 1.6 trillion yuan i.e., $250 billion was spent on the whole development and to achieve President’s vision.


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