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The Citrus Concentrate Market is meant to provide a safe flavor choice in the production of juices, soft drinks, ice creams, syrups, bakery products, candy products, and others. Citrus concentrate is processed, which means its water content is evaporated after extracting the real fruit juice like from orange and lemon and then dried up to make a powder.

Richmond, Feb. 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a MarketDigits report, Citrus Concentrate Market was valued USD 8.83 Billion in 2023 and projected to reach USD 12.5 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.15% during the forecast period of 2023-2030.

The Citrus Concentrate Market is experiencing robust growth driven by the increasing recognition of citrus fruits for their medicinal and nutritional benefits. With diverse varieties such as sweet oranges, lemons, and limes, citrus concentrates have gained popularity due to their rich composition of essential oils, flavonoids, and bioactive compounds known for anti-diabetic, anti-cancerous, and immune-boosting properties. Consumers, seeking convenient ways to incorporate these health benefits, are fueling the demand for processed citrus products. The market is further propelled by the anti-obesity and cardiovascular health properties attributed to citrus phenolics. Citrus concentrates are emerging as a versatile ingredient, finding applications in functional foods, including fortified vermicelli and cookies enriched with orange peel powder.

The extraction of bioactive compounds like hesperidin from citrus concentrates offers opportunities for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. Diverse processed citrus products, ranging from frozen items to canned segments, marmalades, and peel oil, contribute to market expansion, catering to varied consumer preferences. The global reach of citrus concentrates, coupled with their ability to ensure off-season availability and extended shelf life, positions the market for sustained growth and diversification beyond traditional citrus-producing regions.

Major vendors in the global Citrus Concentrate Market : ADM, ALG Juices Pty Ltd, Döhler GmbH, Firmenich SA., Givaudan, International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., Kerry Group plc., LIONEL HITCHEN, Sensient Colors LLC, Symrise, Takasago International Corporation, Treatt Plc., and Others.

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Medicinal Properties and Ayurvedic Uses

One of the primary drivers for the global Citrus Concentrate market is that Citrus concentrates are gaining prominence due to their medicinal properties deeply rooted in Ayurvedic practices. Various citrus fruits, such as sweet oranges and lemons, boast therapeutic features utilized in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Essential oils derived from citrus plants are known for their diverse health benefits, ranging from appetite stimulation and cardio-stimulation to antiemetic and digestive aid properties. These fruits contain vital components like vitamin C, carotenoids, flavanones, and bioactive compounds, contributing to their anti-diabetic, anti-cancerous, and immune-boosting attributes. The recognition of citrus as an Ayurvedic remedy for addressing issues related to the central nervous system further elevates their significance. As consumers increasingly prioritize holistic wellness, the medicinal properties deeply ingrained in Ayurveda serve as a key driver for the growing demand and market expansion of citrus concentrates

Market Dynamics


  • Medicinal Properties and Ayurvedic Uses
  • Citrus phenolics, such as those found in oranges, contribute to anti-obesity effects
  • Increased awareness of the health benefits of citrus fruits
  • The push for value-added products and fortified foods
  • Nutrient-rich composition and Immune Boosting


  • Bioactive Compound Extraction
  • Embracing novel processing technologies that minimize nutritional value loss
  • Leveraging bioactive compounds
  • The development of a wide range of processed citrus products

The development of a wide range of processed citrus products

The opportunity lies in the development of a diverse array of processed citrus products in the citrus concentrate market. This involves creating a complete range of offerings, including frozen products, juice powders, comminuted beverages, canned mandarin segments, jam, marmalades, and peel oil. By expanding the product line to encompass various forms and applications of processed citrus, the market can tap into diverse consumer preferences and needs. This approach not only enhances consumer choices but also broadens the market’s reach and appeal.

Offering a wide variety of processed citrus products allows for versatility in application, addressing different consumer demands and preferences. Moreover, this strategy caters to evolving consumer trends and fosters innovation, ensuring that citrus concentrates remain relevant and appealing in an ever-changing market landscape. Overall, the development of a comprehensive range of processed citrus products represents a strategic opportunity to bolster market growth and capture a broader consumer base.

Europe dominates the market for Citrus Concentrate

In the global Citrus Concentrate market, Europe emerges as the dominant region, focusing on key markets for citrus and tropical juices, including France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Spain and Italy, both major citrus fruit processors, present compelling markets due to their substantial consumption of tropical juices. The Netherlands, the largest importer, mainly re-exports most acquired quantities and acts as a relatively modest consumer. Nevertheless, the country hosts some of the largest European traders, providing unique opportunities and insights, and serving as an entry point for the entire European market.

 The Asia-Pacific region, with a considerable population, has the potential to be a significant market for citrus concentrates, especially in countries like China and India. The demand for processed and convenient foods and beverages containing citrus concentrates could rise due to rapid urbanization, changing lifestyles, and the growing middle class. Local citrus varieties are likely to influence product offerings, catering to regional preferences.

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The Food & Beverage Industry Segments is anticipated to hold the Largest Market Share during the Forecast Period

In the global Citrus Concentrate market, the End Use segment encompasses various categories such as the Food & Beverage Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Personal Care & Cosmetics, and Others. The food and beverage industry assumes a crucial role in propelling the citrus concentrate market, acting as a key consumer and application segment. Citrus concentrates, extracted from fruits like oranges and lemons, are widely employed as ingredients in a variety of food and beverage products. In the beverage sector, citrus concentrates are utilized in the manufacturing of juices, soft drinks, and flavored beverages, imparting tangy and refreshing notes.

In the food industry, these concentrates are incorporated into an array of products, including jams, jellies, desserts, sauces, and baked goods, enhancing their flavor profiles. The adaptability of citrus concentrates empowers manufacturers to develop innovative and tempting offerings, meeting the evolving consumer preferences for natural and vibrant flavors. As consumer choices continue to shift towards healthier and natural ingredients, the food and beverage industry’s dependence on citrus concentrates is anticipated to increase, making a substantial contribution to market expansion.

Segmentations Analysis of Citrus Concentrate Market: –

  • By Source Type
    • Orange
    • Lemon
    • Grapefruit
    • Tangerine
    • Others
  • By Form
    • Dry
    • Liquid
    • Others
  • By End Use
    • Food & Beverage Industry
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Personal Care & Cosmetics
    • Others

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Recent Developments

  • In November 2022, Louis Dreyfus Company B.V. (LDC) revealed the successful creation of a novel product crafted from not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice. This innovation boasts a remarkable 30% decrease in natural sugar content and a threefold increase in dietary fiber content, all while maintaining the original taste (Brix value) and vitamin C levels.

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  • In the coming years, which Citrus Concentrate Market technology will dominate the market?

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