CloudThat Inaugurates its Center of Generative AI Innovation to Empower Businesses

CloudThat launches its new GenAI center that will act as a sandbox environment for enterprises of all sizes. It will bridge the gap between GenAI experts and customers worldwide to allow enterprises to innovate at all levels with AI.

BENGALURU, India, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CloudThat is excited to announce the inauguration of its Center of Generative AI Innovation, a powerful space designed to propel businesses forward with cutting-edge GenAI technology.

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80% of Businesses Want Generative AI, But Half Struggle

A recent BCG study revealed that while 80% of businesses are interested in adopting generative AI, 50% of these interested businesses are struggling with it. These struggles are largely attributed to a lack of a strategic roadmap or infrastructure capacity to do so effectively. Simply put, many businesses want to leverage the power of generative AI, but simply don’t know where to start or how to implement it successfully.

Without a clear strategy aligned with business goals, attempts to adopt generative AI flounder. And even with a strategy, businesses need the infrastructure – technology, tools, talent – to bring generative AI projects to their full potential. The enthusiasm is there, but for half of businesses interested in generative AI, the capacity is not. This gap between interest and successful adoption highlights the need for expert guidance and support when navigating the complex generative AI landscape.

CloudThat’s Center of Generative AI Innovation is a powerful innovation hub designed to help businesses of all sizes harness the transformative potential of cutting-edge generative AI technology. By providing expert guidance, a low-risk sandbox environment, and seamless integration services, the Center aims to make generative AI adoption fast, effective, and accessible for organizations seeking to gain a competitive edge.

Bhavesh Goswami, Founder and CEO of CloudThat, opined, “Generative AI has brought a monumental shift in the way business is done, and how we envision business processes. It is just not an incremental process but a fundamental change which can change the face of businesses and industries altogether. It is the time of the hour for businesses to embrace GenAI, adopt new practices and get ahead.  The center is developed to bridge the gap between what organizations interest and actual execution.”

How the Center of Generative AI Innovation Helps

CloudThat’s Center of Generative AI Innovation provides comprehensive support to ensure businesses across sizes succeed with this transformative technology.

Expert Guidance

CloudThat’s team of generative AI specialists will collaborate with businesses to identify industry-specific use cases that can revolutionize business operations. Its experts have years of experience across various industries and will work closely with businesses to uncover the best applications of generative AI for unique business needs.

Whether it’s automating routine tasks, generating content, or enhancing customer interactions, our specialists will pinpoint where generative AI can make the biggest impact. With a deep understanding of the enterprise’s goals, workflows, and pain points, they can recommend tailored solutions to boost productivity and efficiency.

The hands-on approach focuses on results – experts won’t just tell organizations how generative AI works; they’ll show them how it can work for their enterprise. By brainstorming together, the partnership can find innovative ways to incorporate generative AI into existing systems and processes to drive transformative change.

With the center businesses can feel confident that their generative AI implementations will be strategic, impactful, and designed around revolutionizing operations from the inside out. 

Reduced Risk & Faster Development

It offers a dedicated sandbox environment that allows businesses to develop and test their generative AI solutions with minimal risk. This sandbox serves as an isolated space where businesses can experiment, iterate quickly, and fail fast without impacting live systems or workflows.

The sandbox environment provides a number of key benefits:

  • Minimizes risks associated with developing new generative AI solutions by containing them within a closed environment. This prevents any potential issues from affecting core business systems.
  • Accelerates the development of the lifecycle by enabling rapid prototyping, testing, and iterations. Businesses can go through many trial-and-error cycles seamlessly to refine their solutions.
  • Lowers costs by reducing the need for multiple physical development and testing environments. The sandbox allows for efficient validation before deploying to production.
  • Gives flexibility to securely collaborate with partners, vendors, or distributed teams by granting controlled access to the sandbox environment

By leveraging CloudThat’s dedicated generative AI sandbox, businesses can bring their solutions to market faster with less risk and cost. The sandbox streamlines the entire development process to unlock innovation.

Seamless Integration

CloudThat’s Center of Generative AI Innovation ensures new AI solutions are integrated seamlessly into the existing workflows and systems, maximizing their impact across the organization. The integration specialists work closely with business teams to fully understand the current tech stack, workflows, and pain points.

We then design the integration in a way that avoids disruption and immediately improves operations. The AI solutions feel like a natural extension of the organization’s existing systems rather than an add-on. This allows the employees to benefit from the AI without a steep learning curve or major process changes.

Seamless integration also enables the new generative AI solutions to build on existing data, insights, and processes. Rather than starting from scratch, these integrations allow new AI to hit the ground running, delivering rapid results by working with current workflows and information. This amplifies the ROI of investment in generative AI.

At CloudThat, we take care of the complex integration work so businesses can focus on using AI to transform business. The experts handle all the technical details to ensure new generative AI solutions slot perfectly into place.

Don’t Get Left Behind in the Generative AI Revolution

Gartner predicts that by 2025, generative AI will generate $10 trillion in business value. That’s a massive opportunity that no business can afford to miss out on. With capabilities like creating content, designs, and code, generative AI has the power to transform nearly every industry.

Companies that fail to adopt generative AI will likely fall behind competitors who leverage it to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. The businesses that embrace generative AI now and integrate it into their operations are poised to capture a substantial share of the $10 trillion projected business value. By partnering with CloudThat, companies can overcome barriers to generative AI and position themselves to capitalize on this game-changing technology. Don’t let business get left out of the generative AI revolution.

About CloudThat

Established in 2011, CloudThat is a leading Cloud Training and Cloud Consulting services provider in India, USA, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Being a pioneer in the Cloud domain, CloudThat has special expertise in catering to mid-market and enterprise clients in all the major Cloud service providers like AWS, Microsoft, GCP, VMware, Databricks, HP, and more. Uniquely positioned to be a single source for both training and consulting for cloud technologies like Cloud Migration, Data Platforms, DevOps, IoT, and the latest technologies like AI/ML, it is a top-tier partner with AWS and Microsoft, winning more than 8 awards combined in 11 years. Recently, it was awarded the prestigious AWS Training Partner of the Year 2023 and won the Microsoft Superstars FY 2023 award in Asia & India. CloudThat is also CMMI Level 5 & ISO 27001 certified for providing world-class cloud solutions internationally. Leveraging their position as a leader in the market, CloudThat has trained 650k+ professionals in 500+ cloud certifications and delivered 300+ consulting projects for 100+ corporates in 28+ countries.

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