Cobra Kai Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot and all you need to know!


The conflict for the Valley’s soul continued throughout season 5 of the television show as Daniel, Johnny, and the youngsters dealt with the fallout from Cobra Kai winning the All-Valley. The stakes were stronger than ever as Cobra Kai resumed its destructive tsunami after delivering on its goal of dominating the planet.

What’s the next phase of this epic karate turf war? Season 5’s finale promises lots of more adventures and loose ends for the team at Miyagi Do/Eagle Fang/Miyagi Fang (?) to tie up. Which will win—good or evil? You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for information about the drama series Cobra Kai, including the likely release date for season 6.


Cobra Kai Season 6 Plot 

It’s difficult to predict with certainty what the Cobra Kai season 6 narrative would be, although season 5 provided more than enough material.

Miyagi Do/Eagle Fang/Miyagi Fang appears to be still going strong as they enter their karate in the Sekai Taikai world championships, despite the fact that Cobra Kai abandoned their shady dojo and threw their gis at Silver at the conclusion of season 5.

Without competing dojos, Johnny (William Zabka) and Daniel (Ralph Macchio) undoubtedly became closer as friends, but might the strain of the Sekai Taikai rekindle their rivalry? Additionally, although Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is in jail, John Kresse (Martin Kove), the second founder of Cobra Kai, has escaped from custody after staging his own demise with the aid of some red gelatin.

Also problematic was his friendship with Tory after she turned out to be his mole at significant personal expense. It’s uncertain how long Tory (Peyton List) and Samantha (Mary Mousertentative )’s ceasefire will continue. As for other Cobra Kai youngsters like Kenny (Dallas Dupree Young), they probably have a long path ahead of them to erase the hatred that their senseis instilled in them.

While the kids are preoccupied with the Sekai Taikai, Johnny will probably continue to get ready for his child with Carmen, who will be the half-brother of both Miguel (Xolo Mariduea) and Robbie (Tanner Buchanan), and hopefully, we might get to see what transpired after Chozen (Yuji Don Okumoto) drunkenly called Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita) to confess his love to her.


Cobra Kai season 6 cast


Cobra Kai Season 6 speculative cast
  • Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso
  • William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence
  • Martin Kove as John Kreese
  • Yuji Don Okumoto as Chozen Toguchi
  • Xolo Maridueña as Miguel Diaz
  • Courtney Henggeler as Amanda LaRusso
  • Mary Mouser as Samantha LaRusso
  • Griffin Santopietro as Anthony LaRusso
  • Tanner Buchanan as Robby Keene
  • Jacob Bertrand as Eli ‘Hawk’ Moskowitz
  • Peyton List as Tory Schwarber
  • Gianni DeCenzo as Demetri Alexopoulos
  • Dallas Dupree Young as Kenny
  • Vanessa Rubio as Carmen Diaz
  • Thomas Ian Griffith as Terry Silver
  • Paul Walter Hauser as Stingray


Cobra Kai Season 6 Release Date

Cobra Kai season 6 hasn’t yet been formally confirmed by Netflix, which is unfortunate.

The good news is that season 6 has certainly been planned, according to showrunner Jon Hurwitz. He responded to a follower on Twitter by writing, “Season 6 has not yet been written. Will get on that after filming Obliterated, but lots of kickass ideas already percolating!”

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