Could FIFA 22’s Inclusion of the Indian Super League help to Boost its Global Appeal?

The Indian Super League is one of the newest football divisions in the world, having only existed for seven years. However, it seems likely that it will boom quickly and follow the same astonishing trajectory of the Indian Premier League for cricket. This is because teams are owned by some of the country’s most prominent businesspeople, who have already pumped a great amount of money into it.

Now, it has been reported that the Indian Super League will feature on FIFA 22, highlighting how its credibility is skyrocketing. This move could do wonders to increase its global appeal, as the EA Sports franchise is one of the most popular series in the world.

What do we Know about the Indian Super League’s FIFA 22 Inclusion?

It was recently announced that the Indian Super League will be getting full coverage in the upcoming instalment of the FIFA series. EA Sports always looks to refine and improve its offering each year, and this means staying true to current events in the world of football. Now that the ISL is in its eighth season, the developer is no longer unable to ignore its sensational rise.

When players pick up their copy of FIFA 22 next month, they will find that all 11 ISL teams are available to use. This includes the players, kits, and sponsors. However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet whether any of the stadia will be included. Still, this represents a massive leap forward, and shows how the ISL is finally getting recognition on the world stage. This feels like a stepping stone towards bigger and better things.

What Other Ways is the League Using to Gain International Followers?

The Indian Super League is attracting swathes of viewers in the bustling nation, but it is also aiming to allure itself to football fans in other countries. One of the primary ways to do this in the industry is to strike up partnerships with other clubs. This franchise model has been used successfully by Manchester City, which has sister clubs in numerous countries including the USA and Australia. The City Football Group also recently branched out in India with the acquisition of a 65 per cent stake in Mumbai City FC in 2019.

Manchester City are the main attraction in the English Premier League with Pep Guardiola at the helm and can be backed in the latest football odds at 5/4 as of the 14th of September to go all the way again this season. The club now has fans all over the world, including India, so football lovers in the country will have been delighted when the purchase of Mumbai was made. The Indian club may be used to develop players from the Man City academy who are unable to break into the first team at the Etihad Stadium, as this model has been used with some of City’s other sister clubs in the past. This would potentially draw fans of the club to watch these future talents play in India.

Will Major Stars Be Drawn to the Indian Super League?

Aside from clubs like Manchester City potentially using the Indian Super League as a place to nurture their up-and-coming talent, well-established stars may also be drawn to the division in the future. If it follows in the footsteps of the Indian Premier League, the world’s best players may start flocking towards it for promise of large pay-outs.

This started to occur in the Chinese Super League a few years ago, with the likes of Didier Drogba, Carlos Tevez, and Oscar having played there in the past. However, there is now a salary cap for foreigners in the league, and it can’t entice the big guns anymore.

Football teams in India are allowed to bring in foreign stars, but they must have at least seven homegrown players in their team. The Indian Super League has already managed to attract some big names including Roberto Carlos, David Villa, Robert Pires, and David James. Many of these stars were at the end of their careers when they moved to India, though. In the future, the top clubs in India will aim to attract players when they are still in their prime.

The addition of the ISL to FIFA 22 is a massive leap forward for the division. Football fans from all over the world will now be aware of the rise of this league, and it could lead them to want to view it in the real world.

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