Covishield and Covaxin shows good immune response in a real world study

Covishield and Covaxin were found to have a capability of producing high immunity response among 95% of the recipients along with previous disease in those infected after immunisation in a real world study of vaccinated healthcare workers. In comparison, a higher number of individuals developed antibodies through the Oxford vaccine, Covishield, as compared to Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin according to a pre-print of India’s first such study.

515 healthcare workers from 13 states and 22 cities got vaccinated among which 425 took a shot of Covishield while 90 were vaccinated by Covaxin, it was found that 21-36 days after taking the second dose, the given vaccines were able to generate an immune response in 95% recipients.

98% of the recipients vaccinated with Covishield were observed with seropositivity as opposed to 80% Covaxin recipients which is “surpising” as per the researchers. A significantly higher titre of the anti-spike antibody was found in Covishield recipients (115 AU/ml) as compared to those vaccinated with Covaxin (51 AU/ml).

Those with an age less than 60 years were found to have a significantly higher rate of seropositivity (96.3%) in comparison with those in the 60+ bracket (87.2%). Although 5% of those in the study group were infected post vaccinated yet no one suffered from severe Covid-19. A higher role was not played by factors like BMI, gender and other comorbidites.

The study was conducted to look at the real world effectiveness of vaccination and not with the motive to comment on which vaccine among the two is better, as said by Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Singh, lead author and endocrinologist from GD Hospital and Diabetes Institute, Kolkata.

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