Cristiano Ronaldo said ‘Drink water’ as he sidelined the advertised Coca-Cola bottles at the press conference yesterday


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t seem to be pleased with the bottles of Coca-Cola kept infront of him on the table as he quickly moved those aside and insisted everyone to drink water instead, making a gesture of non-acceptance against soft drinks at the Portugal press conference.

Serie A forward began a muddle at the press conference preceding the match of Euro 2020 Portugal vs Hungary by showing the gesture of rejection towards the Coca-Cola product when he put the bottles at side and asked to drink water instead of soft drinks.

The brand is an official sponsor of the Euro 2020 tournament, but the player didn’t compromise over his health and seemed too serious in his contempt for the sugary beverage.

Taking his gesture pragmatically, Ronaldo has always been a health conscious throughout his career. From being the fittest athlete to inspiring people about the importance of health, his diet and his exercise are main reasons why the instance with the striker is different from other footballers who struggle at his age. The 36 years old was recently seen running box to box and cover more than 60 meters within 7 seconds in the friendly match against Spain, that appraised his fitness.

Cristiano is not friendly of ultra-processed food. He wouldn’t like it if his son consumes the same product to which he is a loyal consumer.

“We will see if my son becomes a great player because he has a great potential. He drinks Coca-Cola and eats french fries. I don’t like it and he knows it but still he does it,” Cristiano in an interview in 2020.


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