Cylinder blast in Gonda, UP causes 7 deaths, 7 injuries and 1 missing person

A cylinder blast that took place in Tikri village, which comes under the Gonda district in Uttar Pradesh had caused 2 adjacent houses to break down. Due to the collapsing of these houses there happened to be a lot of debris under which 15 people were trapped. Of the 15, 7 of them succumbed to death, 7 others suffered injuries. The cause was a cylinder blast, which occurred when one of the families in the village was cooking.

Superintendent of Police, Santosh Mishra said played out the series of events and mentioned that they received a call about the cylinder blast that caused the roof to fall. Following that, with the help of locals and the police force, they started the rescue operations. He also mentioned that amongst the 15 trapped under the wreckage, 2 men, 2 women, and the children are amongst those the ones who suffered.

Couple of videos of the incident have been circulating on social media platforms. From the videos, it can be seen piles of debris and the police examining the site to locate the missing person as of the 15 caught underneath only 14 have been found. The assistance of bulldozers is also being taken to clear the spot and help find this missing person. More details have not been released yet.

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