Damage Season 1: Latest release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know!


You would assume that all successful individuals have their life planned out, but this isn’t always the case, as the new Netflix series will demonstrate. The 1992 movie Damage is finally returning to theatres, but this time it will be expanded into a series.

Lisa Barros and Glenn Leyburn will helm the three-hour limited series that Netflix is creating from the original film. As “an erotic thriller centered on passion and desire,” the next program has been dubbed, and we already know it will be a banger. The new series, which was created by Morgan Lloyd and Benji Walters, examines the lives of two people who are already content with their circumstances.

Damage Season 1 Plot

The themes of a love triangle, obsession, and betrayal are central to the Damage series. The show focuses on Ann, a married lady who chooses to have an affair with her husband’s father-in-law. The two are enamored with one another and find it difficult to separate, so it is not a dull affair. In order to love both of them and keep her husband in the dark about his relationship with her father-in-law, Anna must strike a balance. William is a prosperous guy who has never lacked anything, including money, success in his work, and children. He makes one of his greatest blunders in life since his life is not as perfect as he would like it to be.

Damage Season 1 Cast

The lady who becomes engaged to his fiancée’s father will be played by Charlie Murphy, who is most known for portraying Jesses Eden in the Peaky Blinders series. Her name is Anna Barton. Richard Hermitage, who was in the Hannibal trilogy, will portray William, the fiancé’s father. Due to the show’s focus on their love triangle, the two will take the primary roles. Indira Varma (For life), most known for her role as Ellaria San in Game of Thrones, Rish Shah, and Pippa Bennett Warner round out the cast. Bennet-Warner is well known for her role as Shannon Duane in Gangs of London, and Shah appeared in the Emmerdale television series.

Damage Season 1 Trailer

The Damage series trailer has not yet been released, and it is presently unknown how long we will have to wait. It started filming in March of this year, and because Netflix hasn’t given us any updates on the show’s development, we are unsure of when a teaser will be released or when production will be finished. The ideal year to look for a Damages program trailer or teaser is 2024.

Damage Season 1 Release Date

The release date for the Damages series has not yet been disclosed by Netflix. Given that the series production began in March, there is a strong likelihood that it will air in 2022. The three hour-long episodes of the series will each focus on the love triangle between Anna and William. Set the release date for 2023 in your calendars.

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