Daniel Ek preparing to increase his Arsenal takeover bid to more than £2 billion

Spotify founder Daniel Ek is preparing to increase his Arsenal takeover bid to more than £2bn following his unsuccessful opening offer of £1.8bn last month.

Sources close to the Ek camp have disclosed that a second bid ‘north of £2bn’ is being readied and that they ‘are not going anywhere and want to get a deal done’. Club insiders have admitted they are waiting for a second offer.

The Swedish billionaire made an unsuccessful bid earlier this year with an opening offer of £1.8bn last month however this bid was rejected. Stan Kroenke and KSE who own Arsenal Football Club didn’t think twice about the bid and told the Swede that they weren’t interested. Daniel Elk has roped in some of Arsenal’s biggest legends – Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira – who were all part of the legendary Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ squad of the Premier League 2003/04 season.

The US owners, led by Stan Kroenke, 73, who assumed full control in 2018, are very unpopular with large sections of the club’s support. There were huge fan protests against the Korenkes after the news of a new European Super League broke out.  The Super League plans eventually failed with the six Premier League clubs pulling out of the project due to huge fan protests in England. However protests at Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur by fans continued and were aimed at the ownership of the club.

Spotify founder Ek, 38, launched his bid in the wake of the European Super League collapse. He went public to state that the offer included fan ownership, representation at the board level and a golden share for supporters. Ek says he has been an Arsenal fan since the age of eight.

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