Dark Gathering Episode 11: When is it releasing?

A new supernatural horror show called Dark Gathering has the potential to be both entertaining and spooky. It centres around Keitaro, a youngster with the ability to perceive ghosts. He is tasked with mentoring Yayoi, a young genius. After learning about Yayoi’s supernatural prowess from his close friend Eiko, Keitaro makes a promise to aid Yayoi in locating the ghost that abducted her mother in the past.

They’ll accomplish this by pursuing as many ghosts as they can, which will lead to both spooky and humorous antics. Here is all the information you need to know about the premiere date, airtime, and viewing location for episode 11 of Dark Gathering Season 1.

Dark Gathering: Where Can I Watch It?

On Tokyo MX, AT-X, BS Asahi, and Amazon Prime Video in Japan, the first season of Dark Gathering is now airing. Outside of Asian countries, it can be viewed on HiDive.

Release Date for Episode 11 of Dark Gathering

The release of Dark Gathering Episode 11 is scheduled for Sunday, September 17, at around 5 p.m. (GMT), 10 a.m. (PT), and 12 p.m. (CT). Naturally, a lot depends on how soon fresh episodes are uploaded to the platform. But be prepared for this to happen relatively soon after the release date.

How many episodes will the first season of Dark Gathering have?

It has been revealed that the first season of Dark Gathering will consist of a total of 25 episodes. After this week’s chapter, there are 18 episodes remaining to watch.

Does Dark Gathering Have a Trailer?

Yes! Below is a trailer for the first season of Dark Gathering.

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