‘Dave Attell: Hot Cross Buns’ had released on Netflix

Hot Cross Buns is Dave Attell’s latest Netflix special.


Ten years after the debut of his Comedy Central special Road Work, Attell makes a triumphant comeback to the stage with Hot Cross Buns. He performed alongside Jeff Ross on 2018’s Bumpin’ Mics, which we got to witness. But since 2014, this is his first solo project. Fortunately, the 59-year-old is still competitive. He discusses many sensitive subjects, such as child abuse and Sea World being dubbed “The Aquatic Auschwitz,” but he handles them so delicately that no one could be offended. He demonstrates that jokes about anything may be accepted if you have the right skill.

This is hardly Attell’s best work by any means. A handful of the jokes fall flat or just get a few chuckles. However, it serves as a reminder of why so many of his contemporaries, such as Andrew Santino, Mark Normand, and Anthony Jeselnik, think highly of him. “This is my moment,” he says at one point in the show, “because I’m the only comic in America without a podcast.” Here, he’s making the most of the situation.

What happens at the end?

As his performance is about to conclude, the renowned comic pulls out a recorder. He suggests that the audience check under their chairs. And sure enough, there is a small fragment of each person’s childhood. At least the majority of them. Since there can’t truly be an Attell special without some underhanded humour, some of them have sex toys. Subsequently, they all accompany the man on stage, creating the most melodious clamour. Although it’s a risky move, Attell has shown us throughout his 37-year career that he doesn’t hesitate to defy expectations. That’s exactly what the tense forty-minute special delivers.

Release Date

Dave Attell: Hot Cross Buns had released on March 26, 2024 on Netflix.

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