Declan Rice hopes to celebrate Euro’s glory with first-ever pint of beer

The England midfielder, Declan Rice is hoping to celebrate Euro 2020 glory with the first-ever pint of beer. England is set to begin their Euro 2020 campaign against Croatia at Wembley on Sunday. The midfielder of West Ham United said that he would love to celebrate winning Euro 2020 with his first-ever pint of beer. He said, “I will give it a try – but I will probably spit it out”.

After overcoming the knee injury which had threatened Declan to rule out of England this summer, he hopes to toast the glory with his first drink of beer. Later that month the West Ham midfielder was cheering England in Dubai when the team kicked off their iron on the World Cup semi-finals. He said in a happy way that he is 22-year-old and never had a pint of beer. Also warns others to not drink it.

He also said ” Not really (a drinker). But a pint? No. I know it is off topic but I have never had a beer. People get surprised. I just don’t like the smell of it so I have never gone near it.” The 22-year-old midfielder’s enthusiasm proves an innocent drive and complemented by the professionalism that is a large reason that he had never been a big drinker and keeps himself fit for the Euro 2020.

England play their first group match of the Euro Cup on June 13.


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