Delhi HC refuses to stay CCI notice in privacy policy matter of Facebook & WhatsApp

The Delhi High Court has refused to hold the Competition Commission of India (CCI) notice which asked Facebook and WhatsApp to provide some information concerning an inquiry ordered by it into the app’s updated privacy policy.

The case is in relation to the appeals of Facebook and WhatsApp against a singular judge order rejecting their pleas against the inquiry which was ordered by CCI into the app’s updates privacy policy as mentioned before.

Justices Anup Jairam Bhambhani and Jasmeet Singh who make up the vacation bench have mentioned that the application requesting a hold of the upcoming measures in the investigation against the updated privacy policy is already filed. The notice was issued to the Director-General of CCI. Observing that no interim relief was provided by the bench on May 6 and is listed for consideration on the 9th of July.

The bench said on June 21 in its order passed which was then made available to the public on Wednesday that they find a “substantial overlap” and it that it was almost identical “as between the prayers made in… (earlier application) and the ones that were made in the existing application. This was also the reason for them to consider it inappropriate to stay the operation of the impugned notice dated June 8, at this stage.

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