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Realme C33 is now available for a massive discount of 25% as Flipkart offers this phone for ₹8,999. The Realme C33 is now priced below 10,000 as it was originally priced at ₹12,999.

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Realme C33’s body is made using plastic. It’s well-built, though, and it looks attractive. It has a shimmery pattern on the rear. When light hits the Realme C33’s back panel, it glitters.

The dual cameras on the rear protrude individually, and they protrude quite significantly.

The flat sides of the phone make it easier to grip the device. The power and volume buttons are placed in comfortable positions. The power button also doubles up as a fingerprint reader, but it feels wobbly and a bit mushy. I’ve come to expect better from Realme as they’ve made some really well-designed phones in the past, even in the affordable segment. One area where the Realme C33 surprised me is in terms of weight.

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