Do you have to watch Evil Dead before Evil Dead Rise?

Does Evil Dead have to be seen before Evil Dead Rise? With the release of Evil Dead Rise, the beyond-the-grave violence of the Deadites is once again depicted on movie screens. Naturally, there is also a chainsaw.

The most recent sequel to one of the greatest horror films ever produced is a blood-soaked slice of twisted glee, as we discussed in our review of Evil Dead Rise. In addition to providing gore and horrors, director Lee Cronin also pays homage to the finest Sam Raimi films. It’s a suitable addition to the Evil Dead film canon.

Although we’ve already covered how to watch Evil Dead Rise, you might be wondering if you need to watch Evil Dead first. Well, You might not be completely up to speed because the Evil Dead franchise has a history spanning more than 40 years. Here’s everything you need to know.


Do you have to watch Evil Dead before Evil Dead Rise?

Well, there isn’t much of a relationship between the new film and the rest of the franchise, so you don’t really need to see Evil Dead before Evil Dead Rise.

The absence of a prerequisite requirement for the prior understanding of the Evil Dead universe is one of the genuine pleasures of Cronin’s film. Since Army of Darkness is a stand-alone narrative, it deviates from the franchise’s convention of having the carnage take place around a lodge in the woods.

The Wicked Necronomicon, the book that can summon the evil force at the centre of the series, and the zombie-like Deadites it produces are the sole recurring themes from the previous films.

The spooky book and the zombies are quite self-explanatory even if you’ve never watched an Evil Dead movie. If at all possible, you should avoid having those items in your life.


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