Does Chad die in Scream 6?

With Scream 6, the Ghostface killers—with their many faces and knives—returned to the spotlight. Another carnival of the macabre was presented by the slasher franchise, which delights in mocking and making fun of previous slasher franchises.

You’d be excused for losing count of the dead left in the path of the Ghostface killer (or killers, of course), considering the length of the list of everyone who perishes in Scream 6. One of the greatest characters in the Scream ensemble and a standout in both of the Scream movies in which he has featured is Chad Meeks-Martin, played by Mason Gooding.

But does he survive Scream 6’s murderers? In Scream 6 does Chad pass away? In order to determine Chad’s destiny and if he will be present and accessible to appear once again when Scream 7 is released, we have reviewed the Scream 6 conclusion.


Does Chad die in Scream 6?

In Scream 6, Chad does not pass away. He appears to be dead at one point in the film, but towards the conclusion, he is still alive.

As we said in our review of Scream 6 there is a lot of bloodshed in some of the finest horror films of the year so far, and Chad is no exception.

Chad is viciously stabbed many times by two assailants after being surrounded by them in the course of the final fight between the main gang and the Ghostfaces at a deserted theatre. The unfortunate guy seemed to be out of luck until the final moment when he appears on a stretcher still breathing.

Chad has now experienced two close calls in two of the finest slasher films of the twenty-first century. He has experienced being beaten and bloodied by a Ghostface murderer in Scream 5. Give the poor guy a break, please. Or perhaps he needs to read our article on how to avoid a Ghostface assault.

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