Does laughter improve your health?

We have always heard this phrase ‘ Laughter is the best medicine ‘.

One of the best feeling in the world is when you laugh on someone’s joke or when you get to laugh so hard that your hands come on your stomach to control it.

Laughing has been a key part in health development. Some advantages of laughing are –

1. Burns calories – Here we won’t be comparing laughing to a workout in a gym but research say that laughing for 15-20 mins in a day helps you to burn over 30 calories and encourages you to be healthy.

2. Strengthens relationships and helps in staying happy –  When you laugh with someone, it shows that you both share the same interest and enjoy each other’s company nd fellowship. Eventually you would like to spend more time with each other leading to happy memories / thoughts.

3. Boosts the immune system – Currently due to the pandemic, we are in a situation where our immunity plays a super important role as laughter acts a infection-fighting antibodies.

4. Positivity – Doctor’s have said that a person who has a good laugh and is happy can fight any disease better than the others leading to a positive outlook in life.

5. Relaxes the body – A good laugh decreases tensions in your body as well as in our mind thus helps muscles can relax for the time being.

6. Activates your organs –  When someone laughs, he takes in more oxygen – rich air which helps in activating muscles, lungs and heart.

7. Reduces anger load – We have seen this that whenever you are in a middle of an argument or serious discussion and if someone sees the funny side or comes to a funny conclusion, this suddenly lightens up the mood and the angry person feels calm.

In life, it is always important to laugh and stay happy.


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