Doom Patrol teases an epic conclusion with the trailer of the final episodes

“Doom Patrol” is coming to an end after 4 seasons, with the 2nd instalment of Season 4 episodes premiering on October 12.

The latest trailer teases what’s to come in the last chapter of “Doom Patrol” and shows the team struggling with their longevity, wondering if their adventures have come to an end. The team is preparing for its last mission against General Immortus and the increasing number of Were-Butts. Space Case (Madeline Zima), the Chief (Timothy Dalton), and the Beard-Hunter-turned-Butt-Hunter (Tommy Snider) are among the characters shown in the trailer.

In the trailer, we see Madame Rogue attempting to make the team remember its past, different doppelgangers and Jane delivering an inspiring speech to unite the Doom Patrol while they are trapped on a ship in a pocket dimension.

Sadly, “Doom Patrol” will end after the last 6 episodes. However, for a show about a  group of misfits that received critical praise but never found a large audience, seeing it end on its own terms is refreshing. The Season 4 teaser reveals some fascinating new storylines for the team as they seek inner peace.

Watch the new trailer below:


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