Dormant Bitcoin Whale prices rise 272,000%

As per the large cypto transaction monitoring tool Whale Alert, a cryptocurrency whale has recently moved the funds which had not moved its bitcoin from a specific wallet since the year 2013.

In 2012, from an active address at the time which possibly could have belonged to a cryptocurrency exchange, the bitcoin whale wallet first had recieved 900 BTC. Only small amounts of BTCs were being recieved by the whale’s fund for almost nine years and it’s wallet sat dormant.

In order to preserve anonymity in a bid, the funds were moved and split among several hundreds of such wallets. Although is not yet mentioned or cleared whether cryptocurrency exchanges recieved the funds to be sold on the market.

Bitcoin was trading around $13.5 when the whale’s wallet recieved the fund which clearly states that the 900 BTC in the wallet were worth over $12000. The funds were appreciated around 272,40% within a decade with the amount coming to $33.18 million and bitcoin trading around $36,870.

The association if the whale wallet with any other cryptocurrency exchange or business has not appeared so far. In order to deanonymuse users on the bitcoin blockchain, several attacks were created. Small amounts of BTCs often known as dust were sent to large addresses by attackers which is then tracked down by them in order to find which address belonged to same wallet.

With an objective of get the BTCs, the wallet and address are linked to an entity which they can target but if the dust isn’t moved, the analysis would introduced to barrier restricting the attackers to make a movement.

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