‘Dream Scenario’ released on OTT; When and where it is streaming?

The movie had its world premiere in September 2023 at the Toronto International Film Festival. On November 10, it was released in theatres. The Indian cinemas opened Dream Scenario on January 5, 2024. The movie is currently prepared for its OTT release.


The basic idea of Dream Scenario gradually becomes murkier and more intricate. Here, Nicholas Cage portrays Paul Matthews, a biology lecturer. Paul had a regular, easy life until he started showing up in others’ dreams, which caused him to suddenly become extremely famous and well-known. We witness several subtle tales as the number of people who have seen him rise and they begin to identify him. Dream Scenario plays the game by ear and does it brilliantly, from stressing the advantages and disadvantages of fame to its weathered, uneven temperament. The teaser teases how the movie overcomes the constraints placed on it by both reality and fantasy. Paul has no influence in what occurs in their dreams, but now they may hold him accountable for everything.


The film also stars Tim Meadows as College Dean Brett, Michael Cera as Trent, Dylan Gelula as Trent’s assistant Mary, Jessica Clement as Hannah, Lily Bird as Sophie, and the gifted Julianne Nicholson as his wife Janet. Cage is not the only notable cast member. Promising actors Noah Centineo, Nicholas Braun, Ambey Midthunder, Lily Gao, Cara Volchoff, and David Klein are all featured in significant roles in the movie.

Know the Makers

Kristoffer Borgli, who also wrote the screenplay, is the director of Dream Scenario, starring Nicholas Cage. It is his third feature film. Given that acclaimed director Ari Aster of Hereditary and Midsommar fame produced this dark comic drama, the stakes for the up-and-coming bigshot director only seem to be rising.

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Release Date

Dream Scenario will release on 19 April 2024 on Lionsgate Play.

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