Driverless passenger car technology aimed to be reached by China’s Huawei Technologies in 2025

A driverless passenger car technology is been aimed to be developed by China’s Huawei Technologies by 2025, as said by an executive on Thursday. The statement was made when in the face of US sanctions, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker diversified its business.

According to Wang Jun, a senior executive at Huawei’s smart vehicle unit, “our team’s goals is to reach true driverless passenger cars in 2025.” A sea change to the transportation industry is expected as several large technology firms, such as internet search leader Baidu Inc and along with other automakers and startups are accelerating work on a self-driving vehicle system.

After getting the global smartphone business hammered by the US sanctions, Huawei has diversified its business to smart electric vehicles. The company was labelled as a threat to US national security by the previous Trump administration.

Huawei recently expanded its partnership with Chongqing Changan Automobile Co Ltd for the inclusion of the design and development of auto-use semiconductors as Huawei sees potential in the rapidly changing global automotive business. The company has been in talks with two Chinese auto companies to take over their EV units, as the past reports have suggested.

Apart from Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo are ambitious for rolling out their respective self-drive models as per the reports. While Apple, according to a report, is working to enhance its understanding of the automotive space. Since a challenge is faced by the traditional automotive companies from the tech-based firms, exciting times are ahead.

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