Dumped Season 1: What’s happening on Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer; Read details


It can be excruciatingly difficult to move on after a breakup, especially if you didn’t start it. At this point, one of the partners decides to engage in stalking as a method to continue keeping tabs on their ex-life. partner’s However, as seen in the new Netflix series Dumped, stalking is typically not the wisest course of action. In her new television series, Heather Flanders follows a group of closest friends who decide to pursue one of their ex-friends.

When she is given additional things to scream over, they eventually come to the conclusion that it was not worth it. Netflix announced the project more than four months ago, and its further production is already in doubt. What is known thus far about the impending Dumped series is listed below

Dumped Season 1 Plot

Two pals who decide to stalk their ex online are the subject of the upcoming television series. When their love ends, a hopeless romantic is in ruins. She seeks a means to influence his life even without his awareness since she is obsessed with and involved in the individual. The group of friends eventually assumes the roles of amateur sleuths to provide the third friend with the closure she so desperately wants. They learn information that ought to have been kept secret and forgotten, just like the relationship, as they search for closure.

Dumped Season 1 Cast

The Dumped series has not yet been associated with any talents, and we have no idea when it will start receiving casting updates. All we know is that two of our closest pals will go on the prowl while cyberstalking an ex. Liz Friedlander will be the show’s director, while Heather Flanders, who wrote Rookie, will pen the scripts. When the series was first announced, Netflix built a writing room; however, it is unknown if this number will grow. If it does, we’ll be sure to let you know. In addition to his production business Kapital entertainment, JumpStart’s Aaron Kaplan will serve as producer and Robyn Meisinger will play the series manager.


Dumped Season 1 Trailer

Considering that the program is reportedly still in the early stages of development, the series trailer may not be available until 2024. A 2023 premiere date would be feasible if the series’ production moves forward quickly, but 2024 is a safer bet because a lot can happen in a year. While awaiting news and the publication of the series trailer


Dumped Season 1 Release Date

When the Dumped series will be released is still unknown. Its development may take some time because the series announcement coincided with Netflix establishing writing rooms for the programme. Expect a 2023 launch date if the series’ production begins before the year is over. However, there is a greater likelihood that the series will debut in 2023 if filming begins in 2023.

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