Exhumed Season 3: Plot, Cast, Release Date and Streaming Platform

Each episode of Exhumed focuses on unsolved crimes and mysteries. The second season of this criminal documentary, which debuted on January 17, 2021, is currently airing.

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The Plot of Exhumed Season 3

In each episode of the crime thriller documentary Exhumed, a particular bizarre murder is covered. Each episode centres on a particularly complicated and perverse crime, the solution to which lies in finding the victim’s body. Each episode is packed with tension and thrills that ultimately result in startling discoveries, surprising turns, and resolutions that serve justice and fairness.

Exhumed Season 3 Cast

List of Cast includes:
●Andrew D. Erath
●Tommy Campbell
●Peter Aylward
●Christopher Judd
●Tim Munsey
●Richard Lamparter
●Cameron Hawk
●Timothy Carr
●Chris Kesterson
●Brent Moorer
●Josh Brandon
●K.J. Sylk
●Brian Scott Gilmore
●Kody Burns
●Peyton Standridge
●Les Murphy
●Damian Tanenbaum
●Leonard Freeny
●Jenny Austin
●Ben Dawson
●Jill Holder
●Emily Muse
●Kristjan Grimson
●Tommy LeNoir
●Kachelle Steigerwald
●Roy Y. Chan
●Roger Albelo
●Brett Taylor
●Jenna Tisdale
●Jaydie Tatum
●Claire Palmer
●Amelia Bartlett
●Lane Shuler
●Rachel B. Erath
●William J. Mode
●Kevin Walker
●Grace Asher

Release Date for Exhumed Season 3

Exhumed’s third season hasn’t yet been officially announced by Oxygen. The series has not yet received an official renewal. Season 3 will have to wait since the second season is still airing with new episodes airing every Sunday at 7:00 pm on Oxygen.

There is a considerable chance that a third season will be produced if the second season continues to be well reviewed and draw strong viewing. The third season might potentially air sometime in the spring of 2023.

Where Can We Stream Exhumed?

NBC offers Exhumed’s first season for streaming, and Oxygen and NBC both offer Exhumed’s second season for streaming.

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