F1: Monaco grand prix qualifying predictions

Ferrari appears to have rediscovered their speed on the streets of Monte Carlo, while Red Bull has made no indication that they will relinquish control of the Monaco Grand Prix. Mercedes may have held back their speed in the first practice by not doing a soft run, but the longest car on the grid also didn’t seem to be able to match Ferrari in the second practice.

In seven of the last 10 Monaco Grand Prix, the driver who started in first ended up winning the race. Without a doubt, pole position is crucial in the streets of Monaco, where overtaking is nearly impossible. The winner on Sunday is likely to be Saturday’s pole-sitter, and no matter who you back on Sunday, you’re better off backing them to win both days rather than just race day.

Verstappen of Red Bull was the favorite to qualify first in the Monaco Grand Prix. The biggest difference this year between the Mercedes and Red Bull cars is their power, and power is simply not as important in Monaco as it is at proper tracks. Their chassis excels on narrow circuits like Monaco, and Verstappen is a driver who thrives on the edge, which is where the Monaco Grand Prix is held. However, after the FP2, it seems like Ferrari can compete with Red Bull and Mercedes this weekend.


Even though it was Ferrari in the top 2 spots during the FP2, we feel Max will lead the race on Sunday, followed by Hamilton. Nonetheless, we believe that Leclerc will start P3. There is a high chance that the qualifying result might not change much after the race on Sunday. Unless, something like 2016 happens when Daniel Ricciardo finished second-place, which was the result of a disastrous pit stop.

What are your predictions? Do you feel this is Ferrari’s weekend?

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