Family Man not going down well among Tamilians

The much anticipated second installment to the 2019 hit series has found itself in a catch-22 situation as Tamilians cry against prejudice targeting them.

The first season of Amazon Prime’s Family Man had ticked all the right boxes, making it a mega-hit, especially among millennials doom scrolling through covid-19 lockdowns on OTT platforms for content. But the second installment of the Manoj Bajpayee starrer show seems to have started on a wrong note and surfacing on news for all the erroneous reasons. The trailer for the second season premiered on May 19 and wasted little time to ignite a huge uproar among Tamilians.

The Tamil Nadu IT Minister T Mano Thangaraj approached Information and Broadcasting Ministry to put a hold on the release or ban the web series as the 2 minutes 49 seconds trailer portrays Tamilians in a pessimistic aspect and seems to disrespect the historic and noble endeavors of the Eelam section of Tamils. The written complaint to I&B Minister Prakash Jaadekar was followed by another one which stated that the portrayal of actor Samantha Akkineni as a militant on a mission to pounce the country is adding more insult to injury for Tamilians of the country.

The cast and makers of the show came out with public statements to allay the controversy. Manoj Bajpai was the first to put out a tweet, saying that, “This is one series which believes in diversity. It not only tells you a good story but it also shows how proud the makers are of Tamil culture and sensibilities.” Bajpai again brushed up the topic of dissension in an interview with Bollywood Hungama.

The team leaders of this show are mostly Tamilians, Raj and DK, Samantha, Priyamani, Suman (writer), who can be a better person than these guys to safeguard the interests of Tamil people. They are the people who have been leading the show and have created the show. They have done everything possible to show their respect for Tamil culture and sensibilities”, he said. The 52-year-old actor has been on his toes, requesting the Tamil audience to first watch the series before arriving at a conclusion.

He added, “This is one series which believes in diversity. It not only tells you a good story but it also shows how proud the makers are of Tamil culture and sensibilities.”

The following day, the director duo Raj and DK also put out their joint statement, asking the audience not to judge their hard work by just a mere 3-minute trailer.  “We are very cognizant of the sentiments of the Tamil people and Tamil culture and have nothing but the utmost love and respect towards our Tamil people. We have put in years of hard work into this show, and we have taken great pains to bring to our audiences a sensitive, balanced, and riveting story – much like we did in Season 1 of the show. We request everyone to wait and watch the show when it releases.

We know you’ll appreciate it once you watch it,” the statement read. However, when their fellow actor Samantha Akkineni shared the director’s post, she started receiving massive troll comments, from being called a “Tamilian-traitor” to a “sell-out”, which invariably led her to turn off the comments on her post but started another hashtag hitch for the team as #FamilymanagainstTamilians and #boycottfamilyman started trending on Twitter for more than 24 hours.

The series which will be available from June 4 on Amazon Prime has a colossal chore to satisfy its viewers and only time will tell whether it will live up to the expectations or we’ll see the last of Sreekant Tiwari, juggling his family’s drudgery and India’s national security, all at once.

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