Fans get emotional after watching Loki episode 1: here are some their reactions

Many fans commented and reviewed the first episode of Loki series that was launched on Disney+ on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, episode one of Loki series starring Tom Hiddleston as the lead character, Loki: the God of Mischief was launched on Disney+. The fans took to their social media and shared how emotional it made them.

Loki is shown watching a series of memories from his past life (future life for him) after he is caught by the TVA after the New York attack. A character like Loki who can’t be trusted and is always insensitive was seen to be crying in the episode. He appeared to be getting sadder after each memory. This made the fans feel for him and get emotional.

Fans share their reactions on Twitter.

One netizen wrote, “It sounds silly but we got to see loki live through what we all went through when infinity war came out… the shock and anger the sadness and horror it was all so interesting seeing loki a viewer of his life like us.” Another person wrote, “Wanda saw her past, loki saw his whole future, and bucky is healing from the past and trying to rebuild a future . . . o the beauty of the mcu.”

Hindustan Times wrote in the review of Loki, “Marvel Studios’ third streaming series for Disney+ is a stupendous showcase for star Tom Hiddleston’s leading man charisma, and yet another stylistic leap for the MCU.” 

Check out some more tweets below:

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