Flipkart to commence drone delivery pilot for vaccines and drugs

Flipkart has partnered with the Telangana government for leading a consortium tasked with the execution and development of deliveries of medical supplies via drone to remote areas under the ‘Medicine from Sky’ project, as said by the E-commerce major Flipkart on Friday. Drones will be deployed enabling deliveries of vaccines and medical supplies as a part of the consortium.

With the use of technologies like geo-mapping, routing of shipments and track and trace of locations etc., the efforts shall be complemented developed by Flipkart over the years in serving millions of consumers across the country as per a statement.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) deliveries shall be conducted with the use of a combination of these technologies in remote areas of the state where the road infrastructure is not conducive for enabling quick delivery of vaccines, the statement added. The pilot will be tested out for delivering thousands of vaccines while the pilot is expected to be conducted for over six days. All the safety and efficiency parameters will be kept in mind, the statement said.

According to Flipkart Senior Vice-President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Rajneesh Kumar mentioned that the envelope in the rapid development of scalable and robust technologies has been pushed by the COVID-19 crisis and the ‘Medicine from the Sky’ project shall be a testament to that. Making use of cutting edge technologies for the safety and wellbeing of the masses, is a decisive step.

The utilisation of drone systems in providing healthcare and product delivery shall be set by the pilot, he added.

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