Following fake vaccine scam, Companies go for forensic probe

To find out whether employees are among those who were duped by the fake vaccine rackets similar to those busted in Mumbai and Kolkata along with being suspected to have targeted people in many other parts across the nation amid the COVID-19  pandemic, many companies are turning to forensic investigators.

According to industry executives, while some of the companies are relying on smaller hospitals and are getting forensic investigations done, most of the companies in big cities have tied up with large hospitals. Middleman for vaccination has been hired by some companies in smaller cities, towns and villages from where a large number of employees have been working for the past several months.

According to the managing partner at Mazars India which is a professional service firm, Kartik Radia, concerning vaccinations being carried out by unorganized players, there could be allegations about the usage of fake vaccines and also concerning misinterpretation by players who have claimed to be representing some of the organized players.

In comparison with the total number of authorized vaccination stocks bought by them through Disclosed and authorized channels, forensic examinations might be carried out to verify the total number of vaccinations done by a hospital. Accounting and records review digital forensics, interviews or interrogation of the people involved along with market intelligence might be a host of procedures which the forensic investigation can involve, he added.

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