Formula 1 Drive to Survive Season 5: Is it releasing in December 2022?


After the 2022 Formula 1 season ended, fans are eager to relive it through the perspective of season 5 of Formula 1: Drive To Survive. The enormously well-liked Netflix documentary series has helped F1 regain relevance in the sporting world and introduced a new generation of fans to the sport. Netflix approved orders for seasons 5 and 6 of the blockbuster documentary in the early stages of 2022 due to the success of its first four seasons, which were produced by Box-To-Box Films.

In 2022, Max Verstappen easily defeated the opposition to win his second world championship, and Ferrari improved significantly despite making a number of dubious strategic decisions. Mercedes enhanced throughout the year. In 2022, Lewis Hamilton and his new partner George Russell got out to a far slower start than Verstappen, but they gradually made up ground and finished strongly. When the documentary finally airs on television, Sebastian Vettel, who has retired from the sport, will undoubtedly be given a fitting send-off as a hero.

Will Max Verstappen be a part of the show?

Verstappen regrettably declined to participate in season 4 of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, citing that the show’s plot lines had already been planned for earlier seasons. According to the Associated Press, when asked why he wouldn’t appear in the fourth season, he stated that he didn’t “enjoy being a part of it,” adding, “I understand that it needs to be done to improve the popularity in America. However, as a driver, I don’t enjoy participating in it.

They created some rivalries that don’t actually exist, he continued. Since there was nothing I could present, I made the decision not to participate and stopped doing interviews after that.

I just want facts and actual things to happen; I’m not really a dramatic show person.

When will it release?

The release date for Formula 1: Drive to Survive season 5 will likely be coordinated to coincide with the start of the F1 2023 schedule, however, details are yet scant. One week before the start of the new season, Season 4 was made available while teams were testing in Bahrain. The release of F1: Drive to Survive S5 may occur on the weekend of February 23–25, 2023, if the same release timetable is followed.

Given that it is the most extended racing calendar in history, the season will begin earlier in 2023. Netflix and Formula 1 announced the fresh run of the programme in May 2022, and the fifth season was being shot all during the 2022 campaign.


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