Formula 1: Singapore Grand Prix cancelled due to rise in COVID-19 cases in the country

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix has been canceled. The race’s organizers stated on Friday that this year’s event, scheduled for Oct. 3, will not take place. The event was likewise canceled last year due to the pandemic. F1 is considering numerous substitutes for this year’s race, including Turkey, China, and a second race at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas.

A statement from F1 on Friday said:

“Formula One and race organizers have confirmed that this year’s Singapore Grand Prix will not take place, with organizers citing ongoing safety and logistic concerns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Colin Syn, deputy chairman of the race, was quoted by the BBC as saying that canceling the Singapore event for the second year running was “an incredibly difficult decision but necessary due to the prevailing restrictions for live events in Singapore”.

Races in Turkey and China, both of which were postponed earlier this season, might take the place of Singapore, while the United States might possibly host a second event. This isn’t the only unknown for the second half of the 2021 season. Currently, the majority of F1 personnel would be quarantined if they traveled to Brazil (7 November), Turkey, or Abu Dhabi (12 December).

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