Four students from Ladakh arrested for the Israel Embassy blast in Delhi

Four students from Ladakh were arrested by the Delhi Police Special cell who are assumed to be connected to the low-intensity IED blast that happened on the evening of January 29 near the Israel Embassy. The students were arrested in Kargilon Thursday and then brought to Delhi for further questioning.

The Special Cell in Delhi registered a case of “conspiracy” regarding the blast and then proceeded to arrest the 4 people. This case is now being investigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

A reward of Rs.10 lakh each was announced last week by the NIA it a person was able to identify the two people that were seen on a CCTV camera. Avowedly they were planting the explosive material outside the Israeli embassy.

According to the officials, these two men scouting outside the Israeli embassy were the only suspicious thing found by the anti-terror wing of the Delhi Police department after examining more than 200 CCTV clips. Police have said that in the CCTV footage, these two men are seen with their faces covered and carrying a bag.

The blast occurred at approximately 5 pm on January 29 near APJ Abdul Kalam Road and damaged a few parked vehicles.

Reports have mentioned that the explosive used in the bomb was PETN which is a military-grade explosive, not easily found. In the past, it has been used by groups such as Al Qaeda for making bombs. Investigators have suspicions that this was a sophisticated endeavour at starting a coordinated international attack by a transnational group to send a message.

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