Friendship between UK-US shown by a gifting gesture in ongoing G7 summit

President Joe Biden and Prime minster Boris Johnson shared gifts as a token of friendship in ongoing G7 summit.

In a gesture of warmth and friendship between UK-US, President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson exchanged gifts during the ongoing G7 Summit in the UK.

US President Joe Biden gifted a handmade gift which is of $6,000 bicycle while the British Prime minister Boris Johnson presented a token with a photo of a 19th-century anti-slavery campaigner, as his first overseas trip as a US president.

The bike was made by Bilenky Cycle Works, a business with a staff of four who usually take up to 18 months to make a machine. The owner of Bilenky, was contacted by the US State Department on May 23 about designing the bike and a matching helmet, as reported by Philadelphia Inquirer. It was also said that, “It is a very modern version with an British roadster with a custom paint scheme, the Union Jack flag and a matching helmet.”

The White House mentioned that it is the gift to show ‘a bond of friendship and to recollect their shared interest in cycling.’ Johnson’s office said that the Johnson gave Biden a token which is a framed photo of a mural in Edinburgh of Frederick Douglass.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised the strong ties of UK-US by saying  that, “The future of the world’s stability and prosperity lies in co-operation between UK and US, as the closest of all partners and the greatest of allies.”

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