Fuel prices hiked again; Close to reach Rs.100 mark in Bangalore

On Wednesday the fuel price in Bangalore has hiked with 26 paisa


Fuel prices are close enough conspiring to enter the primary century in Bangalore, with a litre of fuel on Wednesday Rs. 99.89. With the worth increase of 26 paise, petrol and diesel prices in Bangalore are on the brink of three digits. This has already been violated in many parts of the country.

While petrol is approaching Rs. 100 per litre in Bangalore, diesel isn’t too late and costs commuters Rs.92.66 here.

Mumbai is another major city where gasoline has already gone an extended way from Rs. 100 and on Wednesday it has been Rs. 102.82 per litre, but 1 litre of diesel Rs. 94.84. Nearly Delhi is one amongst the “affordable” fuel prices in every big city, with 1 litre of petrol and diesel here i.e. Rs. 96.66 and Rs. 87.41 respectively. Also in Kolkata, the worth of gasoline is Rs. 96.58 Rs.90.25 respectively and for that of diesel during your stay in Chennai, price is Rs.97.91 and Rs.92.04.

Gasoline and diesel prices have risen with decisive determination since early May. Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan recently acknowledged that it had been a drag for consumers, but also chose to stress the necessity for his government to save lots of money for various welfare programs.

Also the contact of fuels with the three-digit mark in many parts of the country may been a major concern for the overall public, many  are dissatisfied with households being sent to toss. Fuel prices are going to be hit if diesel too inching for the primary century over Rs.100 in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan can also increase the value .

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