G7 leaders to sign ‘Carbis Bay Declaration’ in 100 days

It is expected that on Saturday the G7 leaders will sign Carbis Bay Declaration in the G7 leader summit 2021

The leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) rich nations are expected to sign the ‘Carbis Bay Declaration’ on Saturday, a landmark global health declaration aimed at preventing future pandemics, as mentioned in  Downing Street statement. The UK government also said that the G7 leaders will commit to using all their resources to prevent a pandemic from ever happening again.

Because of COVID-19 pandemic it mentioned that it has claimed more than 3.7 million lives so far, according to the data of Johns Hopkins University, it has also caused economic devastation owing to the restrictions placed by governments around the world to contain the virus. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that, world has developed and manufactured COVID-19 vaccines at an unprecedented pace, it needs to prevent a pandemic like this from ever happening again.

According to Downing Street statement on Saturday said that, “learning lessons from the last 18 months and doing it differently next time around, and I am proud that for the first time today the world’s leading democracies are coming together to make sure that it will never be caught by unawares.”

On Saturday, Sir Patrick Vallance, chief scientific adviser for the UK government, and Melinda French Gates, an American philanthropist, said that it will join G7 countries and guests to present their ‘100 day mission’ to speed up the time it takes to develop vaccines, treatments and diagnostics.

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