G7 summit: India to sign as a joint statement as a freedom of expression

During the video-conference, PM Modi mentioned that “democracy and freedom were a part of India’s civilizational ethos”.

On Sunday India signed off in a joint statement by G-7 summit and guest from different countries are on “open societies” that to maintain and to encourage the values of “freedom of expression, in online and offline medium, as a freedom that safeguards democracy and helps people live free from fear and oppression.”

The statement also mentioned that, “politically motivated internet shutdowns” is one of the threats to freedom and democracy.

During video-conference, Modi mentioned that the  “democracy and freedom were a part of India’s civilizational ethos, and said that it is the  “shared  concern” which  is expressed by several leaders that the “open societies are particularly vulnerable on disinformation and cyber-attacks.”

The joint statement is signed  by the G-7 countries, besides this  India, South Korea, Australia and South Africa, with host country, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called them “Democracies 11.”

With this the statement is administered at China and Russia, India has been under inspection over internet curbs in J&K even as the government is into a face-off over its new IT rules, using tech giants such as Twitter, which is described in a police search at offices in India last month as a “potential threat to freedom of expression.”

PM Modi  took note in the increasing effectiveness of the two major global initiatives supported by India viz is the CDRI and International solar alliance.

Prime Minister  is also stressed over the  developing countries that  need better access on climate finance, and called for a complete approach towards climate change which covers mitigation, adaptation, technology transfer, climate financing, equity, climate justice and lifestyle change.

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