Get details on DevOps Foundation® training course

Do you wish to implement a DevOps strategy? Or would you like to obtain some industry-recognized credentials to advance your skills? Then this DevOps Foundation® Training Course is a comprehensive guide for anybody interested in learning about DevOps and the methods to use it in both IT and non-IT environments.

The industry is now confronting a big, brave new world with the wonderful advancements of DevOps, and the difficulties and opportunities that this brings are unparalleled. The DevOps Foundation® Training Course is for anybody who wants to gain a deeper knowledge of DevOps principles and how they may be used in a variety of situations. This post thus gives you detailed information about the course to give you an idea about DevOps Training. Let’s have a look into it.

Description of Course

DevOps Foundation® Training Course is a comprehensive course that empowers you with the DevOps skills to make you job-ready. It is a two-day entry-level training. The course helps to learn the process to integrate standard DevOps techniques into your company to minimize lead times, increase the frequency of deployment, and produce higher-quality software. Moreover, the course helps to gain knowledge about the core concepts of DevOps and how to put them into practice.

The credential of this training course is awarded by DevOps Institute to practitioners who pass the test and can demonstrate their understanding and skills as a DevOps professional.

Course Features

In this two day course, attendees will be able to earn:

  • 16 Hours – Live Instructor-led Training
  • Earn 16 SEUs & PDUs
  • Course material from DevOps Institute
  • Have a real-world learning experience
  • Get involved with case studies and activities
  • Get through a comprehensive exam support

Why Opt for DevOps?

Learning DevOps can be beneficial in both organizational and personal forms.

Organizational Benefits:

  • Increased usage of agile and other development methods & approaches.
  • Demand for a faster cadence of production releases from business and application unit stakeholders.
  • External and internal vendors offer a wide range of cloud and virtual infrastructure.
  • Datacenter automation and configuration management solutions are being used more often.

Individual Benefits:

The value of DevOps has become huge. Due to which it has made a positive impact on every organization. Individuals having DevOps Foundation® Training credentials are thus expected to grow in every industry. Be it retail or IT or any other sector, DevOps helps to reduce time lead, produce higher-quality software and deploy more frequently in the organization.

Moreover understanding DevOps and its advantages before being forced to accept it, will allow you to think about the repercussions and figure out how to adapt and apply it at your own pace. It will also improve your job chances and future employability significantly.

Prerequisites for the Course

  • No specific requirements are set for this course.
  • Any individual who has an interest in learning more about DevOps as a movement, culture, and mindset that can help to innovate quickly and provide more value to business and customers will benefit from this session.

Skills you can acquire

  • Using DevOps concepts as a foundation
  • Putting essential DevOps principles in place
  • Utilizing DevOps in three different ways
  • Utilizing the DevOps paradigm as a business model
  • Architecting DevOps toolchains and automation.

Who can attend this course?

  • Application developers
  • Business Analysts, Managers, Stakeholders
  • DevOps Consultants, Engineers
  • Automation Architects
  • IT Directors, Operations, Managers, Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Systems Engineers, Integrators
  • Testing Professionals


If you wish to develop your DevOps abilities now to take advantage of the rising need. Get enrolled in the DevOps Foundation® Training course and earn the credential to gain more benefits and future employability.

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