Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Ending Explained


After much anticipation, Ginny & Georgia Season 2 finally released on Netflix on January 6, 2023. The fans have been waiting for it ever since it was announced. As we all know how Georgia always manages to be safe despite all the criminal history she has, the show only gets interesting as it goes on. Moreover, now that the second season premiered, most of the fans have already binge-watched it. And of course, we did too!

Though we had to keep up with the slow pace of the season, the tragic ending of Season 2 left use in awe. Keep reading to understand more regarding the ending of Ginny & Georgia Season 2. Furthermore, the following content consists the spoilers of Ginny & Georgia Season 2, read at your own risk!

How did Paul agree to marry Georgia?

For what it’s worth, Georgia reveals her entire criminal history to Paul before they getting married. Moreover, as Paul gets to know how Gil behaved with Georgia the entire time, he made sure that Gil doesn’t continue to do so. However, Paul couldn’t let go of Georgia as he was very much into her already that he loves her too much to let go.

Why did Marcus refuse to go to the wedding?

Even though Marcus Baker arrived at the wedding looking dapper in a blue suit, he hesitates to go and join the wedding of Georgia and Paul Randolph. Since, Ginny and Marcus had just broken up even though they had feelings for each other.

Did Paul and Georgia get married?

Although Georgia had canceled The Mount fearing the future, when Paul agreed to marry her, Ginny manages to set up the aisle in the Town Hall. The couple finally get married but the joy had not lasted longer as the police arrive to arrest her.

Why was Georgia arrested?

Now, this has to be the most tragic part of the entire series. We know how careful Georgia is and how she is always one step ahead of everything and everyone. Moreover, though she had told everything to Paul she definitely missed out on the fact that she technically killed Tom Fuller, the husband of Cynthia who was in hospice in their home. We all can agree that she might have done that to help Cynthia but as Nick told Jesse how Tom had died, Jesse had then quickly reported to the police. While this thing holds the fans with what might happened, the dreamy wedding of Georgia Miller and Paul Randolph distracts the audience from the actual tension. However, as the newly wed have their first dance together, the police arrive to arrest Georgia as the suspect for the murder of Cynthia’s husband.

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