Global Pyroxasulfone Market to Hit Market Valuation of USD 405.6 Million By 2032 says Astute Analytica

Stringent regulations and a shift toward newer chemistries favor pyroxasulfone adoption. North America leads consumption, while Asia Pacific faces potential market fluctuations due to regulatory and economic factors. Moreover, Continuous innovation shapes the pyroxasulfone market. Companies focus on new formulations, combination products, and integration with precision agriculture technologies to address evolving needs.

New Delhi, Feb. 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The global pyroxasulfone market, valued at US$ 243.3 million in 2023, is forecast to reach US$ 405.6 million by 2032 at a steady CAGR of 4.83% during the 2024-2032 period.

The pyroxasulfone market has seen impressive growth in recent years. It’s been a combination of innovative product launches, strategic acquisitions, and an increased focus on sustainable farming practices. The launch of new products such as the Ihara Kyojin – a pre-emergence herbicide that combines pyroxasulfone with flumioxazin to optimize soybeans and corn — as well as Best Agrolife’s Pyroxasulfone 85% WG, which is actually the first pyroxasulfone technical product made in India. These two examples highlight just how much innovation has come about from this sector. It also shows how important it is to have effective weed control solutions that are safe for crops and the environment.

In 2021,  the global market saw BASF obtain  pyroxasulfone rights from Bayer CropScience, which was another power move within the industry to consolidate market positions and expand portfolios. This not only strengthened BASF’s position in the herbicide game, but it also sent a pretty clear message about where we’re headed in terms of competitive dynamics. Moreover, in 2023, in a strategic collaboration, Best Agrolife Ltd. (BAL), one of India’s fastest-growing agrochemical companies, has partnered with Syngenta to market the Pyroxosulfone 85% WG herbicide under the Movondo brand name.

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The pyroxasulfone market trends show that people are starting to lean towards more sustainable farming practices. While adopting precision agriculture technologies may be expensive at first glance, overall, they will always be worth it because of their long-term contributions towards crop safety and a minimized environmental impact. Unfortunately, though, this does come with some challenges because these technologies require plenty of water sources and meeting those requirements can be quite taxing on your wallet. Despite all these setbacks there are still opportunities for growth both locally & globally within this industry. Those who survive will need to find ways to navigate through complex regulatory environments while also adapting to agricultural needs. In other words, you need to know how to create new products faster than everyone else can copy them.

Key Findings in Global Pyroxasulfone Market

Market Forecast (2032) US$ 405.6 million
CAGR 4.83%
Largest Region (2023) North America (32.5%)
By Purity 96%(45.2%)
By Sales Channel Indirect Sales (92.8%)
By Application  Weed (54.3%)
Top Trends
  • Combination herbicides featuring pyroxasulfone
  • Precision application technologies using pyroxasulfone
  • Growing need for residue management solutions
Top Drivers
  • High demand for corn and soybeans crops
  • Rising herbicide-resistant weed populations
  • Increasing regulatory focus on crop safety
Top Challenges
  • Potential regulatory scrutiny on herbicide residues
  • Emergence of new, alternative chemistries
  • Price volatility of agricultural commodities

Top 6 Players Captures More than 75% Revenue Share of Global Pyroxasulfone Market

As per Astute Analytica, holding more than 75% market share, Bayer AG, Merck KGaA, LGC Limited, Best Agrolife Ltd. VIVAN Life Sciences and PI Industries are the top players in the market.

However, Bayer AG is well positioned to benefit the most in the pyroxasulfone market due to its history, R&D firepower and business strategy, and continued innovation in this chemistry.  It may be early records that show it as one of the first in pyroxasulfone research, which translates to a wealth of expertise on herbicide. This expertise is used to optimize formulations and develop tailored products like their recent advancements in combination herbicides. For example, Huskie® FX combines the proven activity of pyroxasulfone with other modes of action for control across all key weed spectrums, showcasing its ability to address evolving demands.

With state-of-the-art research facilities and an extensive scientific staffing, Bayer continually develops and introduce improvements for pyroxasulfone use. This could include optimizing formulations for drift reduction, lowering application rates or tailoring combinations for region-specific weed challenges. In all cases their global outreach and distribution networks allow farmers worldwide to have access to these innovations. The company has spent decades cultivating its brand reputation as a source of consistent quality crop protection and this work has fostered trust within agriculture. That hard earned respect is what keeps customers coming back when they need a little Zidua® or Anthem® Flex crop protection helps from Bayer.

Pyroxasulfone with 96% Purity Generate More than 45% Revenue of Global Pyroxasulfone Market

96% pure pyroxasulfone is highly demanded for its efficacy and consistency in controlling agricultural weeds. Safeguarding crop yields and ensuring predictable outcomes for farmers. This high purity level further ensures both effectiveness and safety across a wide range of crops, such as soybeans, corn, wheat, sunflowers, and rice. You can use it as either a pre-emergence or early post-emergence herbicide to provide flexibility depending on your weed management strategy.

This is also essential for compliance with different regulations. Many agricultural rules call for specific purity standards on herbicides used by farmers. 96% pure pyroxasulfone often hits the mark or even surpasses it. So, getting product registration approved and acceptance in global markets is smooth sailing. Not only that but this level of purity is also cost-effective compared to other alternatives. Though you may need to pay a bit more upfront than lower purity products, you’ll get better weed control which leads to better yields that net more money. Lastly speaking from an environmental perspective, the enhanced application methods made possible by 96% pure pyroxasulfone lowers any risks associated with overuse so the result gives us responsible herbicide management.

Weed Control Application Responsible for Generating More than 54.3% Revenue Share of Pyroxasulfone Market

Pyroxasulfone, a pre-emergent herbicide, makes up an important part of the weed control market. Its effectiveness against many species of grasses and broadleaf weeds means there’s no need for multiple herbicides. By optimizing weed management, farmers can ensure crop yields remain secure. The residual activity pyroxasulfone has also helps to improve growth in critical crop development stages. This is key because it dramatically reduces the number of times additional herbicides have to be applied. As a result, farmers save time and resources, while simultaneously limiting environmental harm.

To top it all off, pyroxasulfone soars when used with major crops like corn, soybeans, and wheat. This allows farmers to bring its benefits to their entire farm. And with globally recognized products like Zidua®, Anthem® Flex, and Sakura®, it’s clear how much they believe in it.

Other than that — compared to older herbicides — pyroxasulfone has shown several other advantages as well. For one it’s proven high efficacy even at low application rates. It also boasts favorable crop safety profiles and plays a big part in fighting against stubborn weed populations. With such strong results backing its name, no wonder pyroxasulfone dominates the weed control market worldwide. Its wide protection range ensures crops stay safe for longer periods of time without destroying them either!

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North America Tops the Chart in Global Pyroxasulfone Market with More than 32.5% Revenue Contribution

North America currently holds the title of being the largest consumer of pyroxasulfone market. This position is achieved through a mixture of the region’s agricultural practices, industry trends, and technological capabilities. Corn and soybean cultivation utilizes massive amounts of land, with both crops relying on pyroxasulfone to keep weeds in check. Alongside corn and soybeans being grown everywhere in North America as a staple crop, this creates a huge demand for robust herbicides. On top of that, the battle against herbicide-resistant weeds has reached a breaking point across all regions in North America. With pyroxasulfone’s unique way of functioning, it’s become an essential tool for farmers attempting to fight off resistant weed populations that are limiting their yields.

The well-established regulatory framework in North America encourages innovation and adoption methods for newer herbicides like pyroxasulfone. Tight safety and efficacy standards also assist in pushing older solutions out in favor of potentially better options with more comprehensive data sets. Also, North America’s open arms approach to precision agriculture and advanced technologies play another vital role here as well. Pyroxasulfone can be applied using modern systems without consequence — but most importantly it performs reliably under these conditions — both factors that surely increase its attractiveness among farmers operating within this high-tech landscape.

Conversely, the Asia Pacific pyroxasulfone market is experiencing something very different: declining market shares for pyroxasulfone. There are lots of factors going into this one specifically but some notable ones include:

  • Farm sizes typically being smaller which could limit adoption rates for newer herbicides (farmers might feel inclined to go back to what they know and trust)
  • A greater range of crops being grown when compared to North American operations (more focused types of weed control may be utilized rather than broad-spectrum solutions like pyroxasulfone)
  • There’s also possible variations between regulations across Asia Pacific countries that are slowing or even preventing registrations for pyroxasulfone in some markets.

Global Pyroxasulfone Market Key Players

  • Bayer AG
  • Merck KGaA
  • LGC Limited
  • Best Agrolife Ltd.
  • VIVAN Life Sciences
  • PI Industries
  • Other major players

Key Segmentation:

By Purity

  • 95%
  • 96%
  • 97%
  • Others

By Application

  • Soil
  • Crops
  • Weeds

By Sales Channel

  • Direct Sales
  • Indirect Sales

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)
  • South America

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